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Working in our customers reference frame

» Why VolgaSoft?

With over 10 year history of successful delivery of professional services to international market we offer you many strategic advantages:

  • Reduced software development and maintenance costs;
  • Faster time to market for your products and services;
  • More confidence with the new business and technology challenges;
  • Better focus on your core business activities.

Having implemented most of the projects off-shore we have learned how to avoid any customer's discomfort due to geographic distance, cultural difference and time zones shift. This is achieved by using the latest communication technologies, transparent project management techniques, secure online access to customer's project resources hosted with us, proven customer support policy and finally by our strong commitment to quality of the services we provide. And of course we send our engineers to work on-site when it is required.

» Scope

We provide software engineering services in the following main categories:

  • Application development;
  • Rapid prototyping;
  • Software system re-engineering & migration;
  • Integration of third-party software applications;
  • Software testing;
  • Full software development and maintenance cycle — architectural/conceptual design, programming, testing, documentation, support/maintenance.

» Service delivery model

Generally we offer three proven service delivery options outlined below. However we are flexible in that and would be happy to discuss any other options you prefer.

  • Brains by demand

    The most common type of outsourcing which minimizes risks of both parties and at the same time has a great flexibility. Suitable for low to medium complexity projects. In this way we complement your existing engineering facilities on time and material basis and offer an extension to your own software engineering resources and skills.

  • Outsourced project

    A preferred option when project scope is well defined. Suitable for medium to high complexity projects. We appoint a dedicated projects manager(PM) on our side who takes full responsibility for all the project implementation phases from inception to acceptance test and further technical support. PM is a central point of contact between VolgaSoft and a customer. PM looks after proper resources allocation and coordinates all project related activities: design, development, testing and documentation. Customer is provided with 24x7 secure on-line access to his own project's resources: schedules, specifications, source codes depositary, bug report&tracking system etc.

  • Off-shore development factory

    A great option for a long-term partnership and/or very high complexity projects. We provide you a virtual ownership of the off-shore engineering team individually staffed according to your specific requirements and dedicated exclusively to your tasks. Such an option requires some extra initial effort to integrate management and reporting procedures for that team with your working environment tightly enough but eventually it is rewarded with the considerably improved efficiency, cost-saving benefits and technology excellence.

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