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World class quality at a very affordable price

Quality is an inherent and extremely important part of overall company philosophy. Since its inception in 1999 Volgasoft has been putting substantial efforts in continuous software process improvement and investing in training and infrastructure and all this resulted in significant improvements in quality, reliability and productivity.

In May 2003 Volgasoft succesfully passed the final certification audit conducted by Det Norske Veritas Visit web-site and was awarded with ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

Our QA policy is focused on 3 main aspects:

» Software engineering process quality
  • Adherence to best software engineering practices and methodologies based on CMM-SEI recommendations, IEEE standards and RUP framework;
  • Customer tailored software quality plans when it is required.

» Software product quality
  • Strong procedural control which facilitates producing of robust system design and flawless code;
  • Rigorous testing of all software systems and components;
  • Clear and sufficient documentation.

» Quality of services provided to a Customer
  • On-time, no excuses delivery;
  • Security and Confidentiality. Standard and custom made NDA, guaranteed and secure IPR transfer. Encryption of all sensitive data to be exchanged between Volgasoft and a Customer;
  • Communications quality (no discomfort to a Customer);
  • Proven customer support policy;
  • Custom made SLA (service level agreements).
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